All About

the young critics' club.


The Young Critics get together to read brand new books from the current year (often before they are even sold in bookstores), so EVERYONE wants to know what they are reading right now! By early spring the Young Critics will have read and reviewed almost fifty brand new books, and they are ready to vote for their Top Twenty List (Check out the link to this years over there on the left. >> No, the other left.). Even publishers want to know what books are on their list!


The Young Critics love to read, and are in grades 6 through 8. The club meets on alternate Fridays year round at 4:00 PM to talk (and argue) about the new books they are reading. Meetings last about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The club often has visits from authors and editors who love to hear club membersí opinions.


Each week Mrs. Jarombek and Ms. Lau introduce ("booktalk") spankin' new books. Young Critics who want to act as reviewers for one of the new books volunteer to read it. They return the book at the next meeting, along with an honest critique. Then they pass that book along to another reader to review.