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Special Selections from Perrot's Youth Services Staff

September 2011



A Fine, Fine School

A Fine, Fine School

by Sharon Creech, illustrated by Harry Bliss


The principal loves his school so much, he has the children going to school every day until the students teach him that free time is just as important. A very cute book that every child will get a laugh from.





Henry in Love

Henry in Love

written and illustrated by Peter McCarty


This sweet, simple romance follows Henry on his quest to impress Chloe, a little girl in his class. A perfect lesson for all ages to remind us that you never know what ordinary day might turn out to be extraordinary.





Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?

Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?

by Audrey Vernick, illustrated by Daniel Jennewein


Does your buffalo have a backpack? Well, then-- he's definitely ready for kindergarten! It's okay if your buffalo is feeling shy, or he isn't very good with scissors. He may be a bit smelly, and the only one in the class who eats grass-- but remember, everyone is special in their own way! A hilarious story that is certain to both elicit giggles and calm those first-day jitters.





Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind

by Sharon M. Draper


Fifth-grader Melody has cerebral palsy. And because she can't walk, talk or write, her fellow students-- and even some of her teachers-- assume that she is mentally handicapped as well. When a new communication device allows her to "speak" for the first time, Melody is able to show the world just how smart she is. But will her classmates accept her?





Miss Nelson Is Back

Miss Nelson Is Back

by Harry Allard, illustrated by James Marshall



This is an amusing story about students and their substitute teacher. Anyone familiar with the Miss Nelson stories will smile at the juxtaposition of Miss Nelson and Miss Viola Swamp. The author provides readers with an interesting and entertaining perspective on substitute teaching in general-- and although it is primarily geared to 4- to 8-year-olds, this classic story can be enjoyed by all who read it.





Jake Drake, Class Clown

Jake Drake, Class Clown

by Andrew Clements, illustrated by Dolores Avendaņo



In previous books, Jake has been an unwilling "teacher's pet," a "bully buster," and a "know-it-all," and now he finds himself becoming the class clown. His class is terrified by their unsmiling and grumpy student teacher. Jake becomes too funny while trying to get her to crack a smile.







Miss Daisy Is Crazy!

My Weird School series

by Dan Gutman, illustrated by Jim Paillot


Who would believe that their secoond grade teacher can't read, write or even add numbers? In Miss Daisy is Crazy, the first book in this wacky series, AJ and his classmates must instruct their teacher, Miss Daisy, on how to teach them. Dan Gutman will leave your child giggling and maybe even thankful for the great teachers they have.





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