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Special Selections from Perrot's Youth Services Staff

September 2006

Early childhood experts agree that being prepared for a new experience and knowing what to expect are keys to relieving anxiety. At this time of year, patrons of Perrot’s Youth Services Department often come looking for books that will help them to help their little ones make a successful transition to a “school” situation, whether that means day care, playgroup, preschool, pre-K, or the big leap into (gulp!) kindergarten. Here are a few of our favorite books about beginning school.

Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!, by Nancy Carlson

Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come!

written and illustrated by Nancy Carlson


Henry can’t wait to get to school! “Not so fast!” his mother says; Henry needs to do a few important things first, like get dressed and eat his breakfast! On their walk to school, Henry and his mom discuss the day’s possibilities, and Henry is full of confidence and enthusiasm. At the threshold, however, Henry is stricken with Kindergartner cold feet, but a friendly invitation from his teacher and a reassuring look around restore Henry’s humor. (Available in English and Spanish.)



I Don't Want To! by Sally Grindley

I Don't Want To!

by Sally Grindley, illustrated by Carol Thompson


Reluctant Jim is the picture of passive aggression while patient mom and dad prepare him for his day at preschool. “I don’t want to!” is his relentless refrain. In spite of his best efforts to ignore the interesting activity surrounding him, Jim’s curiosity conquers his resistance. When his mother comes to take him home at the end of the day, readers know just what Jim will say!

Wemberley Worried, by Kevin Henkes

Wemberley Worried

written and Illustrated by Kevin Henkes


Despite the loving reassurances of her extended family, worrywart Wemberly Mouse is challenged by her own fearsome fretting about almost everything-- why, Wemberly even worries about worrying! Her perceptive teacher, Miss Peachum, pairs Wemberly up with another little worrier, and together the new friends face their fears and find school not so worrisome after all.

Off to School, Baby Duck!, by Amy Hest

Off to School, Baby Duck

by Amy Hest, illustrated by Jill Barton


Baby Duck experiences all the physical symptoms that plague pre- and primary-schoolers everywhere on opening day:  both her appetite and her bravery abandon her! Encouraged by her fine feathered family, her beloved Grampa, and her teacher, Miss Posy, her confusions are cleared and her confidence is restored

When You Go to Kindergarten, by James Howe

When You Go to Kindergarten

by James Howe, photographs by Betsy Imershein


Every aspect of a student’s day is captured in full-page, color classroom photos and accompanied by a conversational caption. An introduction for parents suggests repeated sharing throughout the school year, as new anxieties may arise.






Going to My Nursery School, by Susan Kuklin

Going to My Nursery School

by Susan Kuklin


Bright, engaging photographs and narration chronicle Heath’s day at a New York City nursery school. From arrival routines to the painting center and playground, from snacks to circle time, sharing and songs, the reader is introduced to every aspect of the school day.

Vera's First Day of School, by Vera Rosenberry

Vera's First Day of School

written and illustrated by Vera Rosenberry


Vera is very excited about her first day of school. She dresses with care, packs up her precious paintbox and pencils, and dashes off with her big sisters. When she arrives at the schoolyard, though, Vera is overwhelmed. She misses the bell, wends her way home, and hides miserably under her bed. Mom finds her, fixes her up, and after a restoring hug, walks Vera all the way to her classroom, where her teacher and her classmates are happy to have her.



Will You Come Back for Me?, by Ann Tompert

Will You Come Back for Me?

by Ann Tompert, illustrated by Robin Kramer


After a preparatory visit to Mrs. Clara’s Child-Care Center, four-year-old Suki has a dream in which she takes her cuddly bear, Lulu, to Brown Bear’s School for Teddies. Lulu needs Suki’s assurance that she will not be forgotten, just as Suki needs confirmation from her own mother that she’ll be back each afternoon at 3, without fail.


Timothy Goes to School, by Rosemary Wells

Timothy Goes to School

written and illustrated by Rosemary Wells


Timothy Raccoon can’t wait to go to school, and he sets off on day one with a super-sharp pencil and a brand-new sunsuit, custom-made by Mom. And then, he meets Claude. Claude is a cool, condescending, know-it-all Kindergartner who seems to take pleasure in tormenting Timothy. With the unflagging support of his mom and the power of persistence, Timothy soon finds a kindred spirit and settles in to school, smile restored.



Tom Goes to Kindergarten, by Margaret Wild

Tom Goes to Kindergarten

by Margaret Wild, illustrated by David Legge


Every day, Tom Panda walks past Kindergarten and eagerly imagines himself on the playground, surrounded by potential pals. He can’t wait! Finally, the big day arrives, and Tom is accompanied to the classroom by his loving family. First day jitters get the better of him, and his kind teacher, Mrs. Polar Bear, invites Tom’s family to keep him company “for today.” But school is so much fun that they want to stay the next day, too, and Tom must kindly but firmly send them off to their respective jobs. A terrific twist on the expected separation scenario. 



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