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Special Selections from Perrot's Youth Services Staff

November 2006

Making all kinds of cool stuff is easier than you think! You just need a few supplies and one of these great craft books.

(There are lots of great home-made gift ideas in these books, too.)


Easy Origami, by Didier Boursin

Easy Origami

by Didier Boursin


It’s hard to believe that you can transform a flat piece of paper into a 3-dimensional object, but that’s just what you’ll learn to do by reading this book. Origami is a quick, fun craft and you probably have the supplies at home so you can begin right away! Try making a forest of pine trees for a holiday decoration, or tiny candy dishes for your next party. Make a mobile out of origami fish or butterflies for your room—the ideas are endless!




Kids Weaving, by Sarah Swett

Kids Weaving

by Sarah Swett


When you think of weaving, you think of yarn, right? Well, that’s part of it, but in this book you will learn how to weave with paper, photographs, maps and twigs as well! You can make everything from simple note cards to a fairy garden to a wool blanket that your friends can help you with, and all the instructions are right in this beautifully photographed book.




Creating Clever Castles and Cars (from Boxes and Other Stuff), by Mari Rutz Mitchell

Creating Clever Castles and Cars (from Boxes and Other Stuff)

by Mari Rutz Mitchell


Who doesn’t remember making forts out of couch cushions and blankets? That was fun, but with this book and some simple supplies, like cardboard boxes, milk jugs and newspaper, you can make an igloo, a dump truck, and even transform your bathtub into a kid-size submarine! These projects are perfect for children ages 3-8, but adults will have to help with the cutting. Easy-to-understand diagrams make assembly a snap and you can let your creativity take over when it’s time to decorate.



Kids Knitting, by Melanie Falick

Kids Knitting

by Melanie Falick


A wonderful introduction to one of today’s most popular pastimes—knitting! This book will have you knitting fun projects like bean bags, bath puppets, and colorful socks. It also tells you how to make your own knitting needles and dye yarn with… Kool Aid! A great hobby for both boys and girls, knitting is something you can enjoy doing for the rest of your life.




Paper Fantastic, by Joe Rhatigan and Rain Newcomb

Paper Fantastic: 50 Creative Projects to Fold, Cut, Glue, Paint and Weave

by Joe Rhatigan and Rain Newcomb


Did you know that with only a piece of cardboard and some duct tape you can create an elegant evening purse? Or with some newspaper and a rock you can make an awesome box that looks like you just dug it out of the ground? You’ve probably used paper to make airplanes or wrap your used gum in, but you’ve never used it to make cool projects like the ones in this book!




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