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Special Selections from Perrot's Youth Services Staff

March 2009


The weather's getting warmer, the days are longer (thanks to an earlier Daylight Saving Time), and it just

makes you want to get outside! Here are some of our book picks about games and sports:



Promises to Keep

Promises to Keep: How Jackie Robinson Changed America

by Sharon Robinson



Mrs. K, ever organized, prepared her book selections for the next several month's lists in advance. We hope you will read her favorites and think of her.

Did you know that Jackie Robinson and his family lived right next door in Stamford? And did you know that when he first showed up for the Brooklyn Dodgers' spring training, he was housed and fed separately from his white teammates? In a touching personal account generously illustrated with photographs and letters, Robinson's daughter, Sharon, describes her father's youth, his rise to become major-league baseball's first African American player, and his involvement in the civil rights movement.


-Mrs. K.




Soccer Mom From Outer Space

The Soccer Mom From Outer Space

written and illustrated by Barney Saltzberg


Ruben Drinkwater’s mom is acting very strangely—could she be an alien? Why is she cheering so loudly at his soccer games? And why is she dressing like a pickle? For the answers, read this book! You’ll never look at a "soccer mom" the same way again!


-Mrs. Bailey



Crazy Eights and Other Card Games

Crazy Eights and Other Card Games

by Joanna Cole

J 795.4 COLE

Maybe it’s been awhile since you played a card game that wasn’t on the computer, but if it has, you’re missing out! Over 20 games, including War, Concentration, Spit, Poker, and Go Fish are covered in this engaging book, as well as shuffling, dealing, and, for real beginners, even how to hold the cards. Introduce your family to your favorite card games, and maybe find one or two new ones to entertain you on a rainy afternoon!






Sidewalk Chalk: Outdoor Fun and Games

by Jamie Kyle McGillian, illustrated by Blanche Sims


Sidewalk chalk is so simple and fun-- I remember the childhood excitement of opening a brand new package of smooth sidewalk chalk! This book suggests not only types of art you can create with sidewalk chalk (a city of skyscrapers, body outlines, crazy creatures), but also word play (word searches and scrambles, poems) and games (sidewalk bowling, chalk toss, mazes). Have your chalk at the ready for the first warm, sunny day this spring!





Field Day from the Black Lagoon

The Field Day From the Black Lagoon

by Mike Thaler, illustrated by Jared Lee

J PAPERBACK (Greenwich Library)

Beware! Coach Kong is in charge of field day and is having events like "hop over the hippos" and "skipping through snakes"! Many of the students in the school don't want to participate, but they must! Read the book and see what happens.








Zathura: A Space Adventure

written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg



Zathura takes place right as Chris Van Allsburg's previous book, Jumanji, ends. When two brothers arguing outside find an abandonded board titled Jumanji, A Jungle Adventure, the real adventure begins. When Danny-- the younger of the two-- opens the game back inside, he notices another game tucked underneath the board... Zathura. As soon as Danny rolls the dice, the game comes to life and takes the brothers on a thrilling journey through space, complete with alien encounters, and robot malfunctions. To make it back home, the brothers have to learn to play together and understand the love of family! Are you ready for the journey to outer space?




Mount Olympus Basketball

Mount Olympus Basketball

written and illustrated by Kevin O'Malley



This book is a wonderful way to introduce Greek mythology to young children. It is an action-packed story of a basketball game between the gods and mortals. Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, and the rest of the gods battle Hercules, Achilles, Odysseus, and the rest of the mortals. Whether Atlas is holding the ball, or Odysseus is pulling a Trojan horse play, this book is fast, furious and fun to read. I especially enjoyed the alliteration used-- such as, Hercules "toiling tirelessly at twelve tough tasks." Mount Olympus Basketball is a winner!


-Mrs. Weicher



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