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Special Selections from Perrot's Youth Services Staff

June 2009


This month, some of our favorite books about summer-- featuring the beach, the pool, and more!




written and illustrated by David Wiesner


Winner of the 2007 Caldecott Medal


Mrs. K, ever organized, prepared her book selections for the next several month's lists in advance. We hope you will read her favorites and think of her.

An old underwater camera washes up on a beach, and the scientifically-minded boy who finds it discovers there is film inside. The photos reveal an extraordinarily unscientific perspective on life beneath the sea: a robotic fish, the cozy, lived-in look of an octopus family’s living room, a spaceship full of little green tourists, and other remarkable scenes. The last photo is of a child, who is holding the photo of a child, who is holding the photo of a child . . .  A wonderful, wordless, watercolor world.


-Mrs. K.




My Mom Made Me

Go to Camp

My Mom Made Me Go to Camp

by Judy Delton, illustrated by Lisa McCue



Having issues with camp attendance? Are there reluctant little campers nearby? My Mom Made Me Go to Camp shows how perseverance and stick-to-it-tiveness can ultimately result in reward and strong character. Reader note: this is one strong mommy!


-Mrs. Bailey



Dear Fish

Dear Fish

written and illustrated by Chris Gall


Peter Alan has so much fun at the beach one day that he sends the fish a note in a bottle, inviting them to come and visit. The next day, Peter Alan hears a strange gurgling sound and a strong smell coming from behind the shower curtain. . . You may have guessed who has come to call, but it all ends up being a little crazier than Peter Alan could have imagined! A fun, surreal trip, perfect for a post-beach read.






Summer: An Alphabet Acrostic

Summer: An Alphabet Acrostic

by Steven Schnur, illustrated by Leslie Evans


Beautiful, brightly colored linoleum cuts illustrate clever acrostic word poems, one letter of the alphabet to each page. They’re fun to read aloud and cover all the things we love about summer (daisies, picnics, beaches and more) and even one of the things we don’t (mosquitoes!)






The Boy Who Wouldn't Swim

The Boy Who Wouldn't Swim

written and illustrated by Deb Lucke



One very hot summer, Eric Dooley watches his younger sister go from her first swimming lesson all the way to the diving board, while his fear of the water keeps him from joining her and the rest of the people of Clermont County in the pool.






The Seashore Book

The Seashore Book

by Charlotte Zolotow, illustrated by Wendell Minor



The Seashore Book is a serene story in which a mother responds to her little boy's question, "What is the seashore like?" Her description of the seashore is poetic, detailed and vivid. One can almost hear the wind and waves, and smell the salty sea. The book is illustrated by the paintings of artist Wendell Minor. I especially enjoy this juxtaposition of poetry and art. The Seashore Book also conveys the closeness between a mother and her son. It is a relaxing story for bedtime, beachtime, or anytime!

-Mrs. Weicher



On the Way to the Beach

On the Way to the Beach
written and illustrated by Henry Cole

J 591.7 COLE

When you go to the beach to play in the surf and the sand, don't forget about all the creatures that live there. Henry Cole's book can help. He takes us on a walk from the woodlands to the salt marsh, to the sand dunes and finally the beach. Each place is beautiful illustrated with animals and plants we may find there. Can you find all the creatures hiding on the pages? Can you find any of these creatures at your beach?









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