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Special Selections from Perrot's Youth Services Staff

July 2008


In honor of our country's 232nd birthday (amazing! she doesn't look a day over 215!),

this month the Youth Services Staff shares their pick of books about states, presidents, and things American.




The Train of States

The Train of States

written and illustrated by Peter Sís

EASY J 973.02 SIS


A beautifully illustrated book, depicting each of the 50 states chronologically as they join the the United States of America. Each state has its own train car, which is filled with known and little-known facts that are fun to share and compare.






Lincoln Shot

Lincoln Shot!: A President's Life Remembered

by Barry Denenberg, illustrated by Christopher Byng



The bicentennial celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birth has already begun! Among the many tributes is a surge of books for young readers. Perhaps the most stunning of these will be this book by Barry Denenberg, which takes the form of a facsimile of a nineteenth-century newspaper, evoking a one-year anniversary newspaper edition of Lincoln’s assassination. Perfect for families and young historians ages 9 and up.


-Mrs. Mac





A Young People's History of the United States

A Young People's History of the United States, Volume 1: Columbus to the Robber Barons

by Howard Zinn

J 973 ZINN

A retelling of U.S. history from the viewpoints of slaves, Native Americans, women, and others whose stories have been marginalized in the standard teaching of history.






How to Bake an American Pie

How to Bake an American Pie

written by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Raul Colón



"Preheat the world until fiery hot with a hunger and thirst to be free. Now find a giant melting pot on the shores of a great shining sea." This wonderfully illustrated combination of purple mountains’ majesty, cupfuls of courage, and a pinch of liberty yields a wonderful treat.


-Mrs. K






A Picnic in October

A Picnic in October

by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter



A boy finally comes to understand why his grandmother insists that the family come to Ellis Island each year to celebrate Lady Liberty's birthday.







My Teacher for President

My Teacher for President

by Kay Winters, illustrated by Denise Brunkus



Why not? She has wonderful qualifications!


-Mrs. Kennedy





The Scrambled States of America

The Scrambled States of America

written and illustrated by Laurie Keller



Kansas is bored, being stuck in the middle of the country and never getting to meet anyone new-- so he invites all the states to a party. The states decide it might be fun to switch places! Everyone is happy at first, but then Arizona gets upset because the ocean waves are ruining her hair, and Florida is just FREEZING way up north… not to mention Kansas is bobbing and seasick out where Hawaii used to be! This lighthearted book features lots of little details to pore over on every spread, and it’s a fun way to get kids familiar with the shapes and positions of all the U.S. states (after all, they are wearing “HELLO My name is” tags). Also, check out The Scrambled States of America Talent Show.







Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Birthday, America

by Marsha Wilson Chall, illustrated by Guy Porfirio



Eight-year-old Kay and her family celebrate the Fourth of July.



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