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Special Selections from Perrot's Youth Services Staff

January 2012


Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider

by Cornelia Funke


When humans threaten to destroy their valley in Scotland, the dragons know they must flee to a place above the clouds called the Rim of Heaven. But does it really exist, or is it simply a part of dragon lore? When Firedrake, a young dragon, volunteers to set out to find the Rim of Heaven, he is accompanied by a brownie named Sorrel and later joined by a boy named Ben- and the three companions find themselves on an adventure both thrilling and perilous.






My Father's Dragon

My Father's Dragon

by Ruth Stiles Gannett, illustrated by Ruth Chrisman Gannett



Magical adventure, dragons, talking animals, a daring rescue, and a hint of absurdity make this story a real page-turner!







The Pet Dragon

The Pet Dragon: A Story About Adventure, Friendship, and Chinese Characters

written and illustrated by Christoph Niemann


A fun adventure that introduces Chinese characters through the story of Lin, who is looking for her missing beloved pet dragon.




The Flying Dragon Room

The Flying Dragon Room

by Audrey Wood, illustrated by Mark Teague


It was the beginning of summer and Patrick's parents were working on their house along with Mrs. Jenkins. Patrick wanted to help but was told no. Mrs. Jenkins offered Patrick her special tools. That is when the fun begins. Patrick creates a most magical and imaginative room with the special tool box. Come take of tour along with Patrick's family to see what he has created.






Mysteries of the Komodo Dragon

Mysteries of the Komodo Dragon: The Biggest, Deadliest Lizard Gives Up Its Secrets

by Marty Crump

J 597.95 CRUMP


At ten feet long, their jaws filled with deadly bacteria, able to eat over five pounds of food per minute and smell rotting carcasses from seven miles away, Komodo dragons are formidable creatures who have inspired myth and legend. Learn about some real-life dragons in this interesting book.




Oscar and the Very Hungry Dragon

Oscar and the Very Hungry Dragon

written and illustrated by Ute Krause


It was time to feed the dragon a princess. But since no princess was available, the next best thing was to give him a child. Oscar's name was pulled from the hat. Luckily, the boy turned out to be far too clever to get eaten by an old dragon!






Brave Martha and the Dragon

Brave Martha and the Dragon

written and illustrated by Susan Roth


Based on a Provencal legend about a first-century saint, this story is showcases bravery of a girl named Martha. Martha captures the terrible dragon, La Tarasque, who has been terrorizing the French village of Tarascon. Her great courage saves the people from the "fiery dragon with smoldering eyes." The author uses cut paper collages to realistically portray the scales of the dragon-- which is very appealing to the reader.





Saint George and the Dragon

Saint George and the Dragon

retold by Margaret Hodges, illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman



George, the Red Cross Knight, must defeat a terrible dragon that has been driving people from Princess Una's kingdom. This retelling features magical illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman, for which she won the Caldecott Medal.






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