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sniffles and sneezes

Special Selections from Perrot's Youth Services Staff

February 2013


This cold and flu season has been a doozy!

Here are some books to check out that might help you through it. . .

and don't forget to wash your hands afterwards. ;) 



Tissue, Please!

Tissue, Please!

written and illustrated by Lisa Kopelke


Frog learns the importance of using a tissue to blow his nose after he and his friends spend the day sniffling and sneezing.





Felix Feels Better

Felix Feels Better

written and illustrated by Rosemary Wells



Felix ate too many Chocolate Blimpies and stayed up way too late, and now he doesn't feel so good. Mama tries a few remedies herself, but eventually they must make a visit to Doctor Duck. Soon Felix is on the mend. A simple, comforting tale for sick little ones.






A Sick Day for Amos McGee

A Sick Day for Amos McGee

by Phillip Christian Stead, illustrated by Erin E. Stead


Amos McGee, the zoo keeper, is a good friend to all the animals at the zoo. One day, due to the sniffles and sneezes, Amos must stay home, but he does get some unexpected company. The 2011 Caldecott Medal winner.





Sneezy Louise

Sneezy Louise

by Irene Breznack, illustrated by Janet Pedersen


By the end of this book your entire family will be saying "Geez Louise, cover your mouth PLEASE!!" A good reminder for the cough and cold season.






Bear Feels Sick

Bear Feels Sick

by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jane Chapman


Bear is not feeling well at all; he is achy, sneezy, wheezy and sick and in no shape to go outside to play. Mole, Hare, Mouse and the rest of the gang try to make Bear feel as comfortable as possible in his cave. Under the care of his friends, Bear starts to get better but as soon as Bear is well, guess what happens? All of his friends get sick!





The Sniffles for Bear

The Sniffles for Bear

by Bonny Becker, illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton


Poor poor Bear has a terrible cold. It is so bad he may never recover. But luckily Bear's friend Mouse is here to make him better in no time. Beautiful watercolor illustrations by Kady MacDonald Denton and lush vocabulary by Bonny Becker create a story that's  enjoyable for the whole family.






Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!

Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!

by Maureen Wright, illustrated by Will Hillenbrand


Big Bear (of Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!) is back, and this time he thinks his sneezes are causing the leaves and apples to fall from the trees, and other autumnal changes. Well, of course, the wind tries to convince Big Bear otherwise, and young children will enjoy what ensues, as well as the appealing illustrations of Will Hillenbrand.





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