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Special Selections from Perrot's Youth Services Staff

February 2012



Worst of Friends

The Worst of Friends: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and the True Story of an American Feud

by Suzanne Tripp Jurmain, illustrated by Larry Day

J 973.4 JURMA


Best friends John Adams and Thomas Jefferson bonded over their shared enthusiasm for American independence-- but later parted ways when Adams backed the Federalists and Jefferson became the leader of the Democratic-Republicans. How the two were later able to repair their friendship provides a blueprint for playground antagonists and political foes alike.






Two Miserable Presidents

Two Miserable Presidents: Everything Your Schoolbooks Didn't Tell You About the Civil War

by Steve Sheinkin, illustrated by Tim Robinson

J 973.7 SHEIN


More than just trivia and funny-but-useless information, this book gives a great overview of the Civil War in a humorous and accessible way.








Lives of the Presidents

Lives of the Presidents: Fame, Shame, and What the Neighbors Thought

by Kathleen Krull, illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt



This book tell you what your school textbook doesn't! It shares anecdotes of the presidents and funny stories you've never heard about. It gives you insights into what type of parents, husbands and neighbors our presidents were.








John, Paul, George & Ben

John, Paul, George & Ben

written and illustrated by Lane Smith



A hilarious tale of five pint-sized future founding fathers. Paul has a REALLY loud voice and John has a rather grandiose signature. . . hmm, maybe those characteristics will come in handy later in life? Features a useful appendix that separates historical fact from historical fiction.








Wackiest White House Pets

Wackiest White House Pets

by Kathryn Gibbs Davis, illustrated by David Johnson



Sometimes we forget that the President has a family and lives at the White House. This book looks at the world of the presidents and the wacky pets they've brought into the White House, starting with George Washington and ending with George W. Bush. There were "supermules" and alligators and sheep all over the White House!







Ben Franklin: His Wit and Wisdom from A to Z

Ben Franklin: His Wit and Wisdom From A to Z

by Alan Schroeder, illustrated by John O'Brien



This picture book biography is written as an almanac and brims with humorous cartoons, instructive adages, and a wealth of information about the man who was as amusing as he was amazing. Benjamin Franklin amassed enough noteworthy accomplishments to cover the entire alphabet from A to Z!








Those Rebels, John and Tom

Those Rebels, John and Tom

by Barbara Kerley, illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham

J 973.4 KERLE


This is a story of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson (our 2nd and 3rd U.S. Presidents), who overcame their many differences to work together on the Declaration of Independence. Both men wanted the American colonies to be free, and they were against the tyranny of King George. John Adams lived to the age of 90, and Thomas Jefferson lived to the age of 83; both men died on July 4, 1826.








George Washington's Teeth

George Washington's Teeth

by Deborah Chandler and Madeleine Comora, illustrated by Brock Cole



Based on George Washington's own letters, this is a funny tale that tells readers exactly what happened to Washington's lost teeth.






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