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Special Selections from Perrot's Youth Services Staff

December 2010



The Gift of Nothing

The Gift of Nothing

written and illustrated by Patrick McDonnell


This wonderful little book shows us that the most important gift you can give is. . . nothing. And that the gift of nothing can mean everything.





The Clown of God

The Clown of God: An Old Story

written and illustrated by Tomie DePaola



An orphaned street urchin goes begging from door to door, juggling for his food. He joins a traveling troupe of entertainers, and gains fame and fortune as a juggler, until he grows old, and again becomes a homeless beggar. One Christmas Eve, he takes refuge in a church and there he juggles to put a smile on the divine Child’s face. The message of the story is that it is not what you can offer the Lord, but the spirit in which you offer it, that really matters.






Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Megan Halsey and Jane Chapman


Bear's friends awaken him the day before Christmas and help him to stay awake as they bake fruitcakes, fill stockings, and sing carols. Then, while his friends sleep, Bear prepares a surprise of his own.






Night Tree

Night Tree

by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Ted Rand


By moonlight in the quiet forest, a young boy and his family decorate their favorite tree with popcorn, apples, tangerines, and sunflower-seed balls as a gift for the animals of the woods. A wonderful story of a family sharing the spirit of the giving season.






Tanuki's Gift

Tanuki's Gift

by Tim Myers, illustrated by R.G. Roth



A Buddhist priest is visited one night by a tanuki (a badger-like animal), who is cold and wants to warm himself by the fire. The tanuki starts visiting every night, and he and the priest become friends-- laughing and dancing and telling stories together. These visits go on every winter's night for years. The tanuki asks what he can do to repay the priest, and the priest asks for a few gold coins. While the tanuki is gone in search of the coins, the priest comes to realize what he values the most-- the tanuki's friendship. The book's mixed-media illustrations are whimsical and colorful. This lovely story demonstrates that the best gift you can give your loved ones is your presence.

-Vicky L



Rabbit's Gift

Rabbit's Gift

by George Shannon, illustrated by Laura Dronzek



By twitching his nose in the cold, damp air, Rabbit can tell that snow is on the way and food will be hard to find. So when he finds two turnips in a field, he decides to keep one and share one with a friend. His small gift starts a wave of generosity that spreads throughout the forest in this Chinese fable that celebrates selfless giving.






The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree

written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein


This poignant story is indeed about the gift of giving. The tree loves the boy so much that it is willing to give him everything to make him happy-- until all that is left is a stump. It is a bittersweet story of a tree and a boy growing old together, and it will appeal to both children and adults. The simple illustrations are perfect for this moving story.





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