how much traffic is going to my site Mime Robert Rivest Performs at Perrot | Perrot Memorial Library, Old Greenwich, Connecticut

Robert Rivest: 
Laughter is the Best Medicine


Mime Robert Rivest gave his performance,  Laughter is the Best Medicine at Perrot on Wednesday, July 26th, 2006.  The audience loved Rivestís humorous and heartwarming mime stories.

Here are some photos from the event [Click on each thumbnail for a larger version]:

160 people came Perrot to enjoy an evening with the famous mime, Robert Rivest

Blowing up a balloon, the Robert Rivest way

Oops! the balloon grows so big that it sails away, dragging Robert with it!

Everyone watched, listened and followed Robert's directions.

A cool "cat with a hat"

The audience helps tell the story

Volunteers help entertain the audience!


Robert Rivest has presented over 4,000 performances in 11 countries in Europe and Africa, as well as across the United States. A student of Marcel Marceau, Robert trained for over 10 years with internationally renowned masters of mime, dance, theater, and improvisation. Today, Robert Rivest is one of the most prolific mime artists in the world. He has created over 120 original works for television, symphonies, dance and theater companies, hospitals, science and art museums, as well as schools, libraries, churches, and nature centers.


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