Jonathan Jaques, Magician

the magic of jonathan jacques

Jonathan Jacques is an award-winning teenage magician that has amazed audiences of all ages with his delightful stage presence and incredible natural ability. Jonathan is a bright rising star in the magic community and has been performing since the age of six. Jonathan has entertained thousands throughout New England and has recently performed at the Society of American Magicians Annual Convention in St. Louis and the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas.

Jonathan's performances include a large assortment of magic: his award-winning dove act, sleight of hand, vanishes, coin magic, and much more. Shows are always fun and exciting with a variety of new and innovative magic, and lots of light-hearted audience participation. Audience members are thrilled as they watch friends and family become the “Stars of the Show” and help miraculously make objects appear and disappear.




Jonathan makes silver balls disappear and reappear.

A white dove appears out of this bundle of ribbons!

All the kids wanted to be picked to help Jonathan with one of his magic tricks.

Jonathan makes a quarter disappear...

...and a twenty dollar bill!

It turned out the rabbit was hiding the twenty dollars!


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