Author F.E. Higgins Visits the Book Clubs



"Wonderful. Anyone looking for the next big thing has come to the right place. 

[Higgins'] characters are brilliantly realized and the story grabs at the reader with hooked talons."
-Eoin Colfer on The Black Book of Secrets

Author F.E. Higgins visited with the Young Critics' Club and Young Young Critics' Clubs on Monday, October 20th, 2008. Born in London, Higgins now lives in a 500-year-old house in a small village in rural Kent. The Black Book of Secrets was her first novel, and she has since written a paraquel (a book that takes place in the same world but follows a different thread), The Bone Magician. Right now, Higgins is at work on another related novel, to be released next year, entitled The Eyeball Collector.


A few pictures:


Mrs. Mac introducing F.E. Higgins; the author reading an excerpt from her forthcoming book; book club members waiting for autographs


Check out some video clips of F.E. Higgins!

F.E. Higgins' Books:

The Black Book of Secrets      The Bone Magician

Perrot Memorial Library Youth Services Department, Old Greenwich, Connecticut