The future site of Perrot Library, circa 1900

Perrot Library is Built!

In 1930, a man named D. Everett Waid, who was an architect, gave the Perrot Library a large piece of land off of Sound Beach Avenue. The picture on the left is from 1900! The view is from where Binney Park is today. The little house is where the library now stands. Mr. Waid offered to design a plan for the library's building for free. In exchange, Mr. Waid asked that a special children's room be created in memory of his wife, Eva Clark Waid. The library was built in the Jeffersonian style, which means that it was built in a special way to make it look older than it really was. Supposedly, Mr. Waid was inspired by Monticello, which was Thomas Jefferson's home. (Check out these pictures of Monticello, and see if it reminds you of Perrot.) Today's Perrot Library finally opened in 1931.


The Waid Room now holds grown-up books, but there is still an inscription dedicating the room to Mrs. Waid. Why don't you look and see if you can find the dedication? The adult half of the library is also called the

Waid Building.

Binney and Smith

You've probably noticed that across the hall from the Waid room is the Binney Room. It was named in honor of Edwin Binney by his wife, Alice. Mr. Binney, and his cousin, C. Harold Smith (that's them on the left). They invented something really really famous in 1903--  Crayola Crayons! In fact, Alice came up with the name "Crayola" by combining two French words, craie ("chalk"), and oleaginous ("oily"). The Binneys lived in Greenwich, and they also donated money in the 1920's to create Binney Park (you can see in the picture above that the land was just a big field).

You can see portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Binney in the Binney room. You can find out more about the history of Crayola Crayons here. Or you can look at this timeline of the Crayola Company.


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