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In 1909, Sound Beach School (which still housed the one-room Perrot Library) had to be fumigated after an outbreak of scarlet fever and measles. The library moved to a building on Sound Beach Avenue (the second building south of the railroad tracks on the east side of downtown Sound Beach Avenue-- got all that?), in 1916. They had to fit all the books into a 20 foot by 40 foot room!

By 1928, the library had accumulated a collection of over 10,000 books. It began to seem like Perrot would never have its own building, until Annie May Hegeman, John Perrot's great-great-granddaughter, gave the library $10,000-- that is the equivalent of over $100,000 today! The picture on the right shows Annie May Hegeman with D. Everett Waid. You'll find out who he is

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Annie May Hegeman, Perrot's great-great-granddaughter, with D. Everett Waid in front of the library


Scarlet fever used to be a very scary disease. Kids who got it developed a high fever and a rash. Before there were antibiotics, it killed many children. Today, the disease is very rare. Did you know that the famous book The Velveteen Rabbit is about a little boy who has scarlet fever?


Have you ever wondered how people know how much money from 100 years ago is worth today? There are special calculators that figure out how much spending power a U.S. dollar from years ago would have today, and vice versa. You can use one of those neat calculators on the website How Much Is That Worth Today?

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