The library starts out

In 1904, John Perrot's great-granddaughter, Annie de Camp Porter (you can see a bust of Ms. Porter across from the Adult Reference Desk), decided to set aside a thousand dollars to start a library named after Perrot. Ms. Porter got together some people to work on this project with her. They didn't have enough money to build a library, but in 1905 they found an empty room in Sound Beach school to use. They also found a librarian, named Marian Scofield. Guess how much they paid her a week? One dollar! That wasn't very much money, even then. The picture on the right is a postcard of Greenwich Avenue in 1905. Did you know that there used to be a trolley line running down the street? (You can see it on the left side of the picture.) People also got around in horse-drawn carriages. The picture below is of Greenwich school-kids in 1907.

Greenwich School Kids, 1907


This is how Greenwich Avenue looked in 1905!


How did people find books at Perrot in 1905? Well, they didn't have computers, and the library was so small they didn't even have a card catalog. They could list every single book they had in a tiny little booklet! It was printed in 1905. It says the library is in "Sound Beach, Conn." because this area used to be called Sound Beach, instead of Old Greenwich. I bet you've heard of some of the books on the list, like Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book. The library had a lot of books of fairy tales, and books about travel and life in other countries.  



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