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Have you ever wondered who Perrot Library was named after? John Perrot's Gravestone

The "Memorial" in Perrot Memorial Library means that it was named after someone: that the library was started in someone's honor. That someone was John Perrot. John Perrot came to America from London, England in the early 1700's. In 1766, he started the very first school in Old Greenwich. During the Revolutionary War (when America fought to be free from England's rule), Perrot remained loyal to the British. Perrot died in 1805 at age 78 (which was very old for those days!). The picture on the right is a rubbing someone made of his gravestone in the Old Sound Beach Cemetery,

right here in Old Greenwich.

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Find out more about what Greenwich was like during John Perrot's lifetime. Look in the 974.6 section for books on Connecticut's history, and the 974.69 section for books on Greenwich's history.

You can see who else is buried in Old Sound Beach (Tomac Avenue) Cemetery at this website, and see a few photos of their very old gravestones. Maybe you'd like to visit yourself and make grave rubbings!

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